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The raven system
This is a journal to represent the system nicknamed the 'Raven system'. The word 'Shinigamitori' is created from 'shinigami' (death god) and 'tori' (bird) in Japanese.

The 'Raven' system consists of five main personnas, the 'host' Sam, Hayden, Alex, Toby and Edward. We do not consider ourselves unimportant in a 'host's' body, we just simply lack a better term. We have equal thoughts and emotions but all except Sam, we have the choice to 'withdraw' from the 'real world'.

You can find a post on pur personalities here - http://community.livejournal.com/shinigamitori/281.html?mode=reply

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We are a group consisting of otherkin, and we do not appriciate stupid comments in our journal about beliefs or anything else. We hope you enjoy reading.